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We are at your service with our rich color options...

You will find all the colors you need with the wide color options we offer in all coating types!

The roller coating method emerged in Italy in the beginning of the 80’s especially targeting the furniture sector which later was applied also for the coating of aluminium discs. This technology which allows less coating material consumption on bigger surfaces is especially preferred by cookware companies that have high numbers of production.

Scala Chemicals with its know-how and research and development is able to provide the highest quality. The abrasion and non-stick test results ensure the best performance along with the experience in the application procdures. Scala Chemicals provides the optimal solutions both for spray and roller coating already confirmed by the many existing customers.



Environmentally Friendly Production...

As Scala Kimya, we provide services with a focus on recycling and close to zero waste in our facility, which we established by adopting an environmentally friendly production approach.