PTFE / Teflon®

Teflon® is the patented name of polytetrafluoroethylene, that is given by the inventor firm, DuPont. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) can be classified as fluoropolymer under the title of plastics. In short, PTFE (or Teflon®) is a heat resistant plastic.

There are plenty of color variations for PTFE.

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PTFE can be seperated into different types depending on its application:


Roller coating technic’s intended development for the furniture industry has begun in Italy by the end of 70s and then it’s been used widely in the kitchen industry. Especially the saving it provides in paint consumption (an average of 70% compared to spray coating) and the possibility of production at high quantities provides a remarkable advantage for roller coating firms at competing against more economic products in markets and chain stores.

For roller coating, our firm possesses the experience and knowledge to be the first pick for the companies using roller technology.

Due to the breakthroughs made in the kitchen industry Turkey’s number in roller coating lines and hence production quantities are expected to be increased significantly in the following years.


PTFE can be applied by classic spraying method. Depending on its control type, manual and robot spray can be applied.