Silicon is the name of the polymer group which contains silicon element in its backbone and consequently connected to oxygen.

Silicon polymers are the building block of matters such as aesthetic fillings, incombustible apparatus, baby pacifiers, gas-foam reducers.

Solely silicon coatings can be used both food contacted-inside and non-food contacted outside.

Again, so called ‘silicon’, has available ‘silicon-polyester hybrid’ coating types just for the use of non-food contacted outer surfaces:

Silicone/Polyester Hybrids

Silicon-polyester hybrids, possess the properties of both groups that contributed their formation.

Silicon has such structure properties as; curing at much higher time/temperature combination, more incombustible, more elastic and more fluid.

Polyester is structurally less incombustible, more rigid and more viscous. Also cures at lower time/temperature combination.

Usually silicons unit price is more expensive than polyesters.

Type 1: More Silicon/ Less Polyester Products

These products are more suited for spray application and normally prefered for brighter colors at average usage temperatures.

Type 2: Less Silicon/ More Polyester Products

These products are more suited for roller application and prefered for coatings requiring hardness at low usage temperatures.

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As mentioned above, silicons and hybrid silicons can be applied on both roller and spray systems regarding to users preference.