Let’s assume all the products that were mentioned in the products section; PTFE, ceramic, granite, silicon materials, were coated ‘correctly’ and suitable for use. These aforementioned -incombustible non-stick coatings- are unable to penetrate through alimentary products,unless they dissolve in them.

If these coatings dissolve as a result of other reasons -excess heat, excessive mechanical load, etc.-  and interfere into alimentary products, ceramic and silicon coatings are healthier compared to PTFE. Hence granite already being a visual application, it is important to consider whether its a PTFE or ceramic. ‘Ceramic granite’ is healthier than ‘PTFE granite’.

At very high temperatures (when coating exceeds 450°C and above) PTFE forms worse by-products compared to ceramic.

In short, both coatings can endure up to at least a 1000 use in theory. However, a poorly used or applied PTFE coating is more hazardous than a poorly used and applied ceramic coating.