Usually, when ceramic is mentioned we normally recall the surface structure material thats been used in kitchen and bathroom floors and walls. When its used for cookware and cooking devices industry, the word points out to a different material.

Here, ceramic material, refers to a composit (multicomponent) coating type.

This ‘ceramic’ coating consists of two intertwined parts. First part is silicon, as will be mentioned below, and second is the mineral part. The silicon part can be formed by silicon polymer(s) while the mineral part can be formed by quartz, titan, silica, mica or other various minerals.

There are plenty of color alternatives available related to seramic.

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Ceramic application can only be available as ceramic spray application. A mixture that consists two or three parts is prepared. This mixture, depending on the product, should be stirred either horizontal or vertical for 4 -16 hours to be prepared as an irreversible sol-gel (thermoset-like) for spray application. Subsequently, it can be applied via spraying method as single layer or multiple layers.