PTFE coated fragments, whether during the coating process or after they fulfill their lifespan as a product, exhibit the environmental effects of average plastics (PVC etc.). They can remain in nature for many years without decaying.

During PTFE application liquid and gas wastes may occur. Even though they don’t contain PFOA, the waste products are usually within the scope of co-solvents.

Ceramic does not contain as much carbon as PTFE, hence makes it more eco-friendly in the concept of application and liquidation of finished products.

Ceramic application solvents are usually water and basic alcohols. These products, in the working environment, are less disturbing compared to PTFE products.

Substantially granite being a visual application, it is important to consider if its PTFE or ceramic. According to the statement above ‘Granite Ceramic’’ is more eco-friendly than ‘PTFE Ceramic’.